Ealier there was a report claiming the striking workers should be held accountable for the vast majority of faults experienced in and around Honiara. Later there was another news claiming the 'magnificent 7' did. I would be very much welcome both parties to come forward and present their cases. Even if that means going to court. I'm willing to throw in money for the course. Trust me, it's worth it. But then if the 7 are inside the company premises, why would they want to go and do damage outside when they can actually closedown things from inside - which is scary?

TV started off with One News not able to be relayed. Then a day after, we have our local One News programme back online. Does this mean a striking Telekom TV section member decided to sneak back into work, weave his magic and go back to his/her striking colleagues? Australian TV was out last weekend. This morning I have the joy to watch it again. Yet they claim they are not going back to work unless the current CEO is removed. What's happening?

I learned from reliable sources claiming that one of the demands put forward to the board was for the removal or expat managers and not only the CEO. I asked a close friend of mine who happens to be part of the striking workers and he said NO. 'I saw on the paper we have read and agreed on that we only want the removal of the CEO. I'm a good friend of one of the expat managers. Why would I want to do that?' I'm left puzzled. if this is the case then someone is not telling the truth. Either my friend is not telling me the truth, which I doubted or the strking workers leaders are hiding something from their fellow mates.

We can all comment but let us leave the sharholders decide on who runs the Telekom show. Will it be the current CEO, whom the shareholders have experienced healthy profits (even in the midst of the ugly tension) under his captaincy, or the CEO's post be localised. But then I don't want what happened to SIWA and SIEA happen to Telekom. Because although I don't have direct powers to rule and make decisions, I'm part of Our Telekom - thanks to NPF. And not to mention, I want healthy bonus at the end of the financial year.

Let the truth prevail. Let Prosperity reign!