Just out of curiosity, couldn't we have this wonderful vessel used in a similar way as her previous little, but hardworking Savo?

Savo, little in size but feared in her performance.

I don't want to go into details of the several duties that made her tough, but one instance comes vividly to mind.
She was used as a slingshot against Goliath when she chased, apprehended and escorted the mighty Jeannette Diana back to Point Cruz.

The latter was an American Purse Seiner that fished illegally in our two hundred miles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) waters.

It was a bitter experience though, because Goliath was not happy and put a trade embargo against our tuna.

It led to patriots like Charles Manata ( a dear friend now deceased) to write and print words such as, "You can buy our fish, but don't steal them".

But the RSIPV Savo, after her decommissioning, was put to better use to the people of Solomon Islands, when it was used as an ambulance, serving our many road-less, yet, numberless water way islands of the Western Province.

It's along that line of thought that I am curious, just being curious, if we could still retain Lata for a similar service.
Perhaps it hinges on the arrangement these boats were meant for, therefore, when their useful lifespans end, or as the conditions allow, then they have to be returned. I am not sure.

Maybe it could be used by the search and rescue unit or the NDMO or the Red Cross for emergency situations.

But I believe it would have still been useful as Savo was to our people.

Thank you.