An interesting sentiment by one Kelyong of Singapore, supporting the US on the above.
I empathize with him, because I do feel sorry for Taiwan also.

I for one, previously stated that I do not condone what is going on in my country 'one iota'.

However, considering all the bullying, negative talk, and mud slinging that's been thrown against my country, I wish to put out some facts for a clearer perspective on the issue.

Fact one, nations that disagree with our country's decision to switch diplomatic ties from the ROC to the PRC, do not have any relationship with the former at all, including Singapore. If there is, then it's purely economical and not as an independent country. We viewed them as an independent nation.

Fact two, if Kelyong believes we should remain with the ROC, then he should reciprocate that by telling his country to invest here in our country. This is because there is no (nada) Singaporean business as far as my little memory could re-collect operating here in my country.

Fact three, it would be appreciated if Kelyong could tell us how many US businesses are operating here in Solomon Islands, so that they could justify such evil intention against our nation.
They only trade with big economies, therefore, nations like ours do not attract their investment.

Fact four, if Keylong could furnish us with the number of nations (beside the remaining 16 - mostly tiny Pacific nations) recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation including Singapore and the US so as to justify, once again, their evil intention against our country.
Fact five, USA its allies against Japan left us a legacy more than seventy decades ago, with rusting metals, a lot of nonexplosive ordinances and a few war memorials on our shores. There was and is no tangible development or businesses left here on the ground, by the same.

Fact six, countries that condemn us are the very hypocrites that benefit a lot economically from the PRC. So what's the rationale behind your argument for us to remain with the ROC, if all we wanted was a piece of the PRC's economic cake also?

Fact seven, the USA, the West and developed nations are the ones who control the World's financial system. Therefore, they could bully anyone not singing along their tune. They can do what they intended to do as they said. However, this is not because of economic interests, but rather, because one does not comply to their military interests. USA only sees us on militaristic interests and nothing else.

Fact eight, the issue here is between the US and China polarizing the world into two camps. We are only victims of this big power play.

Fact nine, USA is an existing super power, while China is a rising super power. History tells us that two super powers often don't co-exist. The former always feels threatened and would do all it could to suppress the latter. Read the book "Seize the moment: America's challenge in a one super-power world" by the former US president Richard Nixon.

Look beyond your one's nose and not just in one's little corner of the world.

Fact ten, because of fact nine, the two powers at play would often impose their influences beyond their national boundaries. They would try to impose their ideologies and their success story to whoever would buy it and be brought into their orbit.

Fact eleven, because of the two previous facts, the former power (USA) already covered the world with its bases (thousands which became a liability to itself) around the world. China on the other hand suddenly realizes that they have been slowly contained with US bases per se even at its doorstep (e.g. Japan, Philippines, South Korea, etc).
This has led to them forcefully taking over islands in the South China Sea, right in front of Keylong's eyes and militarizing them.

If you push a dog to a tight corner, be careful, it's gonna bite you. Put that in China's scenario and you'll see why they behave the way they do right now.

Fact twelve, therefore, to project power beyond her boundary, she, through soft power diplomacy goes to less developed countries and in the guise of development, build infrastructures that are military standard in order to use them in times of a military crisis with the USA. China uses 'soft power' diplomacy, whilst the USA uses the 'carrot and big stick' one. You can make your own judgment as to which method works.

Therefore, my friend Keylong, you are advocating something that has roots going far too deeper for you to comprehend.
So don't push the trigger so soon till you see the bigger picture.

Yes, I don't like what's going on at home, but we could be victims at the same time from people who only care about their self-interest than ours.

I could add more, but for the meantime, that's it for now.