On the core impetus of this rumble for political power, its only speculations and lack of professionalism that is a triggering subject. The lack of confidence on the current government is not really the issue for moving support on either side.

In the foremost, the functionality of competitive party politics in the democratization process has become a subject of renewed debates. This however, seems to be totally unique to how parties have been reacting in the current political context of our country, the role of opposition parties is expanding space for the rule of law, respect for human rights and "good" governance.

Our current opposition party play an increasingly important role in shaping policy agendas, conducting civic education, and fighting corruption, however lacks peaceful and transparency dialog with the voter-citizen and demonstrating the relevance of politics to ordinary people, that is, the oppressed and marginalized, disenfranchised. Evidently, minister sacked by the Prime minister is confined with reasons and justifications where ordinary citizens like me could tell where things go wrong.

To be corruptive in improper handling of citizens money is very saddening and a shameful thing. What the former finance has done with his unclear allocations for monies targeted for Tsunami victims symbolizes the country must do away with those kind of leaders. Those kinds of leaders have no visions for moving the country forward To the current trait of Sogavare`s leadership, there seems no evident for Authoritarianism nor dictatorism.

What exalts his leadership was the continuity to achieve sovereignty and fair treatment of our country when then situation was increasingly complex and making it difficult to draw clear distinctions between international and domestic affairs. We are in the two-country two-good general equilibrium decisions environment in which other government makes choices over its wish and a set of domestic regulation of the sovereign people of Solomon Islands. These cant be exercised!!!! Solomon Islands is for the people, with its own decision makers and regulators. As such, boycotting the forum meetings is done as means for recognition for our sovereignty, recognizing what we really want to happen, thus could bring justice and fairness to the citizens with respect.

Learning the current situation of our government, it is only a political crisis. Who knows the scenes behind the opposition dark side? Was intruder of sovereignty backing behind because we boycott his meeting? Nevertheless less, the government of the people still considers its bottom up approach, where its effects are felt nationwide. Thinking, how could the opposition group gain trust when many of its members are those figures with corrupt practices, thus sacked by the prime minister!!!! I wonder if the nation would be enough with those corrupt leaders if power could be gained by the opposition group...Situation ends equally, but still corruption dressed them.

By the way, this situation needs more justifications from each camp, to make justifications as "style of leadership" and "because he boycott the forum meeting" seems confusing!!!! We all know that we are part of the big family in Oceania, but we must not forget that each countries`s sovereignty must be respected in whatever small means. In the end, its all about "Don`t interfere in the national politics and policy making of Solomon Islands".

GOD Bless