I as a concern citizen of Solomon Island sees the diplomatic tie switch to China as uneccessary. Why Switch Tie? Is it because Solmon Island really needs development?

From my point of view I see there is no need for diplomatic tie switch with China. Taiwan from the past decades have been allocating millions of dollars for the Solomon Island. But where does the money go, it is something to consider about. True her struggle to develop Solomon Island Taiwan has assist in Agriculture, Health and infrastructure sector, and also in Educaaation by giving full scholarship for Solomon Island student to do their studies on universities in Taiwan. But Still Solomon Island Led Sogavare Government turn a blind eye on the helps Taiwan have been Issuing to them and still want to swtich tie with China.

Solomon Island don't need Swtich tie. But only needs Switch of Leader's and their leadership. Eventhough if now china gives milliion or billions of dollar to Solomon Island for development, Still Solomon Island will be the same, Due to the fact that one important aspect of leadership is missing, and that is good governance, and without good governance, Comes corruption. If Solomon Island leaders have been practicing good governance and its eight (8) principle for the past years, Solomon Island will be some way up the leadder in its development phase.

Solomon Island is one of the most corrupted country in the pacific region,and corruption is flowing like virus in many department and Ministries, and even a child can tell. And it is due to the absent of good governance and its 8 principle which should be upheld by the leader's.

Finally, I can say that the switch of Diplomatic Tie with China is just a waste of time. And who knows, instead of climbing up the ladder we just fall far below, Because we don't really know what China was up to. All the government can see was the millions of dollar and major projects china promise to give. And also Solomon Island led Sogavare government don't see the bigger picture of China.

But Anywhere, Let God continue to pour his blessing on Solomon Island from shore to shore.