Dear editor,

Not sure what we are debating about in the China Taiwan issue.

The truth is so clear to see. Hong Kong is telling us what we should do. Stay clear from China. Why would millions of people protest over some legislation? They are scared of China. That's the truth. Why? Because they know what an extradition to China would mean. No due process, or respect for the natural course of justice. These are Chinese people protesting against China. Yet, we, the insignificant other is considering a switch.

Taiwan holds the same values as any other democracy, fair process, natural justice and more importantly a system that respects the will of the people through free and fair elections. It is not the best system in the World but it is the system we know and continue to try and improve.

For me the loans and development pro China people talk about is nothing more than wishful thinking and short sighted justification. How will we repay? Logging is fast declining and mining is a mess. In 15 years when these loans are due we will be in serious trouble.

Let us develop with partners that share the same values with us. And partners that lend to us responsibly to ensure we do not become victims of our own wild dreams and imagination.