Can you please help us with regards to the above subject, to let the public view how our government worker done things in corrupt way and laziness behaviors.

NTU we are scholars sponsored by SIG and we live without allowance almost 4 months now, we should received our allowances as of June 2019. Due to delay of our allowances we all experiences starving and problems with school needs, due bills and rental bills and sooner our land lords will kick us out from houses that we reside in, some of us students have expired visa almost 4 months away and will be over charged by the Bureau of Immigration.

We students always experience investigations from NTU and they treat us like an criminal not a scholar, it means that when it comes to raising of our allowance they always ask for documents, when we give them our documents they always make mistakes and does excuses like missing documents or we haven't received any documents from you'll yet you have to resend it and the process continues since 2017.

Some of us students our parents not employed so we depend much on our allowances, when we experiences delay of allowance we almost dead.

Our message for SIG (NTU)staff is please do not treat us like this because we are the future of tomorrow for our country so we must work together to bring better Solomon islands a best place to live.