Hello, I am a student of a field of science and technology called Molecular Nanotechnology and Molecular Manufacturing. Essentially, what this technology is, is the ability to build machines, electronics, and materials that manipulate matter at the atomic and molecular level. Materials are made up of molecules which are bonded atoms. The properties of materials, such as strength, heat-resistance, toughness, lightweight, flexibity, and other properties are all dependent on how those molecules interact.

The people of the Solomon Islands could benefit very well from advanced and even semi-advanced nanotechnology once it is developed and matures. Below I will outline some of the technologies that can become inexpensive and widely available with this.

1 Super Tough materials. The strongest materials are those based on chemically bonded carbon atoms, such as diamond, graphene, and fullerene. One of the strongest materials available is called diamondoid. This is made from bonding carbon atoms or other atoms such as silicon and oxygen atoms into a tetrahedral pyramid shaped molecule. These materials are dozens if not hundreds of times stronger than steel, never rust, are lightweight, and enviromentally-safe. They are made from common atoms like carbon which are available anywhere.

2 Molecular Assemblers and Replicators: In the biological natural world we have molecular machines such as enzymes, proteins, ribosomes, muscle tissue, and others that take molecules and rearrange them to make living materials. With nanotechnology we could make these machines called assemblers. An assembler would be a molecular and microscopic-sized robot arm that would have a tip that is able to deposit molecules to form new materials. Ultimately, one or two assemblers could be used to make a replicator, a machine that makes exact duplicates/copies of itself. The technology can become dirt cheap because it is self-replicating and self-expanding, like bacteria. You provide it with energy from the sun, atoms from the dirt, air, water, sand, and rock, and the software blueprints to direct the assembler what to build, and it can manufacture anything, from food and clothes to tools and electronics and more assemblers. This is replicating technology.

3 Super medical machines. Nano machines could be programmed, since they would have microscopic molecular super computers, to go inside the human bloodstream and body and cure all physical diseases. The machines would be programmed to leave healthy tissue alone and would dismantle and break apart cancer cells, dangerous viruses and bacteria, parasites, and other invaders into the body. The same machines can be programmed to repair cut and broken and damaged cells and replace and repair even DNA. No more broken bones, cuts and scrapes, infections, or other diseases. Human beings could live for a very long time, even centuries possibly or more.

The above are only a few small samplings of what can be done with true advanced nanotechnology. The technology is not science fiction and is being developed now. I seriously and gladly encourage the dear people of the Solomon Islands to look into this technology and make use of it in improving life. I would gladly communicate with anyone there who is interested in learning more. Some websites for this: