On Monday 16th June we noticed all our Telephone lines at China Town went dead. Next on Solomon Star telekom workers warn of distruption to services if they go on strike. Also mentioning of 300 + faults still to fix. My Kalange dis wan em normal fault? Only two shops in China town were fixed that day. Our suspicious sabotage were confirm only when we find out that all our lines were tampered with at the main cabinet.

Our support and trust for telekom workers were lost! we were asked to pay cash if we want a quick fix. I think this is illegal. Now that our lines were back to normal and fixed, we do not want that to happen again. Please Telekom Striking workers, don't pull us down with your suffering.

I for one was supporting your demands for once, but when you start protesting with sabotaging and then denied it to the whole world in the news papers - you loose your support from us. Do it in a peaceful way and you will get the public's sympathy and support. Hope when you succeed in your number one demand, all of you will get pay rise and come back to shop in China town. And the next CEO will start planning his or her next counter protest & sabotage strategy plan if you have to activate another industrial strike for another list of grievances. Something for the people who OWN the company to think about.