The recent arrest of a man in the Soloman Islands on a charge of incest with his adult step daughter is ridiculous.

The age of consent in Solomon Islands is 15, so the other person in the relationship was undoubtedly an adult when the affair began, some 7 years ago. It is ridiculous and unjust for the mere fact that the man has been held more responsible in the affair, when the woman was equally of an adult age from the beginning of the affair, and if the law had any justice in it ( which it has not) she would be equally liable to punishment, though it appears she has not been arrested.

A judge has recently stated in an important case in Botswana, which as legalized ( and what applies for gay sex should applies equally to Adult Consensual Incest (ACI) "Justice Michael Leburu said that sexual orientation “is not a fashion statement” and that the laws as they stood violated citizens’ rights to privacy and freedom from discrimination."..."“It is not the business of the law to regulate the private behavior of two consenting adults,” Leburu said.".." “What regulatory joy and solace is derived by the law, when it proscribes and criminalizes such conduct of two consenting adults, expressing and professing love to each other, within their secluded sphere, bedroom, confines and/or precinct?” wrote Leburu. “Any criminalization of love or finding fulfillment in love dilutes compassion and tolerance.”

Section 163 (2) of the Solomon Island Penal Code (Amendment) (Sexual Offences) Act 2016, is bad law and needs to be amended so that incest is only an offense if only one person involved is an adult who has sexual relations with someone who is under the legal age of consent. Any abuse of children by adults cannot be acceptable in a civilized society, but neither can the abuse by the state of two consenting adults. It is not right that this man has been arrested and he should be released and compensated for the ill treatment of arrest, the humiliation and degradation of his human rights by this unfair detention immediately. If he is not released immediately, a shame on Solomon Islands judicial system!