Dear Editor,

As a Solomon Island citizen and a concern community resident, I urge the Solomon Island government to provide more jobs for the people. I’m writing this letter because I am very concern about our economic development, and that is in terms of job opportunities for people of Solomon Islands. However, I have seen that our country has an increasing number of unemployment young men and women who are just staying home aimless.

Currently, Solomon islands has rapidly increasing in the number of population which the number of job offers are scarce, hence people are finding it very difficult to get job. And even Solomon island students graduated with certificate overseas still don’t have any job. Therefore, because of this issues there is an increase unemployment in the country, thus most of the youths tend to involve in bad activities such as crime, illegal selling of marijuana and violence.

Therefore, in my opinion I think that the government should provide more jobs for the people, and there should be more development of building offices mainly for both qualified people and un-qualified people to have at least a job that has satisfying income for them. Hence, so that they can get busy with their work that might kept them from involving in any bad activities.

I urge the government of Solomon Islands to set up a meeting to consider and respond to it as a mandate. And with the country’s development budget money and use it to provide more building offices for people to get jobs. Let us provide more jobs for our people of Solomon Islands!


Jamie Nollie Maisa