I would like to personally thank the people of Fataleka constituency for electing a new MP to represent them in the parliament. He is Rex Annex Ramofafia who contested the national election as a member of the Solomon Islands United Party. The people see it fit that Abana's leadership has reached the climax and there should be a new leader to take it forward.

I believed the people have made the right decision to make a change since over the 12 years of Abana's leadership, development in the constituency was stagnant but his personal success continue to soar.

Today on 6th April 2019, marks a new chapter for the people of Fataleka as they voted for their fifth member of parliament, who will lead them for the next 4 years.

I hope the new leader will create change that the people love to see, feel, experience and enjoy in the constituency.

God bless Fataleka.