DEAR EDITOR - The recent incident where M. V. Solomon Trader was washed aground by rough seas at Kangava Bay in the Renbel Province which was resulted in a huge oil spillage is a wake-up call to our authorities, namely the Ministry of Environment and the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).
The oil spillage has obviously posed grave threat to the marine life in the surrounding seas and reefs. This is very alarming as this may be the first time such a disaster calls for our authorities to be vigilant and alert to promptly attend and respond to an incident of this nature. Indeed, it is a big wake-up call because the nature of it is somehow may be beyond our authorities' capabilities and resources. Luckily, due to a request made by the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Australia stepped in to assist in assessment and salvage attempts to this wreckage, which is still in progress. This should by all means seek the highest attention of the Solomon Islands government to be attentive and well prepared for any more similar scenario in the future. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the NDMO has to be well equipped with at least in possession of the necessary resources fit to get them poised and ready if any more of such incident were to occur.
The Solomon Islands, like many of our other Pacific Islands neighbouring countries rely very much on the marine resources for our daily survival. It is very sad when these circumstances occurs or caught us by surprise. Even though this incident was the result of the recent tropical cyclone Oma, and the fact that Australia was also willing to offer help, we ourselves (authorities) have to be well prepared and highly equipped to quickly address any issues of this nature in the near future. On another note, since our country have pretty much rely on revenues from huge industrial activities like logging and mining, given the nature of these industries we ought to be competent and well equipped at all times.