RAMSI controls the Minsitry of Finance and has power of veto over public spending. How do you expect the elected government to perform its legal mandate without the power to expend resources? RAMSI might argue, it is to safeguard against corruption. Still, you have removed power from the legally elected government of Solomon Islands.

How can members of RAMSI who are also members of the Pacific Forum and members of the Commonwealth have immunity in another Forum/Commonwealth country when we all follow the same legal system? Is it a proviso for crime to be commited freely by the so-called humanitarian assistants? If RAMSI is truely here to help, why place itself above the law?

I am beginning to think that some of Moti's claims may be right since I did not hear Tim George refuting those claims.

For example, RAMSI was not mentioned in the FA nor did Pacific Islands Forum. How then can RAMSI exist in SI?

I also hear that the FA prevents SI Parliament to amend or repeal the act or subsidiary legislation made under the FA. If this is so, what monster are we dealing with here? What really is the FA?