It's a tragic loss and no doubt all family members did not accept what had happened

The immunity protection vested under the FA excempt RAMSI officers from civil or criminal prosecutions in SI. To argue further on this issue is merely an academic exercise.

Perhaps, SIG that contracted RAMSI to come into Solomon Islands is the proper party that has to be considered. RAMSI believes that the immunity clause cannot and will not be removed, in any circumstances. That does not mean that RAMSI will escape all liabilities or its actions not accounted for. Reviewing of the FA is remedial legal process to address relevant issues and passed appropriate measures or actions. Also, it is a statutory duty vested therein which SIG obliges to exhaust provided that it is done within the terms and conditions of the FA.

Using this unfortunate death and to hold that RAMSI should pay compensation to the estate of late Hilda is a far outcry.

I urge the representatives of the estate of late Hilda to seek proper legal advice.