This new-release book, written five years after the former Attorney General of the Solomon Islands, Julian Moti QC, won his case against the Australian government in Australia's High Court [Dec 2011] provides many answers to insistent questions that have previously gone begging in the considering the controversial 'Moti Saga'.

In this book, the author successfully unravels the complexities of a political situation that was conflated with heinous sexual criminal charges to give a compelling explanation and analysis of a saga that involved four nations, bringing down one Pacific government and threatening the political stability of another.

The author is informed by both the recollections as told to her - and the official documentation provided to her by Julian Moti, as well as her own experience of closely following the Australian court case from 2009 when, as a journalist, she recorded her first interview of many with Julian Moti and subsequently other key witnesses.

With the author's extensive involvement in the case, the story is often told through her own experiences as she struggled to understand and come to terms with unfamiliar political, corporate and ethnic cultures with which she was dealing as she sought to idealistically (and often naively) expose what was being hidden behind a veil of contempt promoted by the very nature of the charges to a largely apathetic public and an often hostile Australian media – to redeem Moti.

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