Dear Editor- allow me to revel my opinion about the letter to editor published on Thursday 2nd of March 2017 about our U-17 national team who have failed to managed on the top spot.

Watching our U-17 boys who they have had managed to play for our country, we are very happy and proud of them. However, we also emotionally affected from the recent outcomes of their games which is that they’ve failed the challenges they meet against New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

The question is “Why we are loosing this games?”
We need to organize some leagues in and around our state and select best players who are capable of doing great as footballers. We need new players, young and strong, motivated and skillful and boys that they can show commitment and honest during their training sessions and their discipline.

This might be the best way to address this failing to reach the top as we are dreaming of. And this is why we don’t qualify for the U-17 World Cup in India and we need to think about.

Remember players, we proud of you but do remember that we support you and are our hope for winning. Winning is not just about playing game but your full commitment on training and also be a disciplinary player who dream of great achievement for our history.
Thank you.