Thank you Editor for allowing me little space to say comments on the subject above.

I wish to say a big thank you to our Honourable MP for VATUD Constituency for what she has done so far in our constituency.
Quite a lot of our people have had received personal projects and many more would be receiving theirs as yet. The good news is that no project which ever people applied for has been turned down or disapproved. Those whom have received projects then, have been benefits and getting improve their standard of living. For example; people whom applied for OBM no longer using canoes to paddle when travelling but OBM instead.

She has made good reputation and establish good relationship within the constituency and with her development plan.

We highly hope more projects and more development would flows in the constituency.

May I as well extend my thank you to her CDO, the Project Manager and the screening committees in the office of the constituency. What you have done so far especially managing the office is so much appreciating.

I wish to appeal to the good people in the constituency to be cool and let's working together with our MP's development plan despite our negative thoughts, etc.
I think all our MPs represent our national Government are ok only if we support them instead of harassing, spoiling and barking them in the public.

All we want is changes,good and fair development in regarding our livelihoods.
We need improvements and we hope so.

We're looking forward to support and accomplish your development plan.