Dear Sir,

I am just letting you know that the fake Fiji based university called University of Pacific International has also tricked about 50 Nepalese students, all of whom were accepted by this university.

Novel Education and Immigration services, an authorised agent in Nepal, has collected $385 from each student after acceptance. Students are struggling to get that amount of money after the news was spread in Fiji and India. Mr. Mukesh, MD of Novel Education and Immigration services, has been recommending another institution after the news was spread. He is still refusing to give back money($385)that they had collected as a processing fee and immigration services to the students.

NOVEL EDUCATION AND IMMIGATION SERVICES is located in Basundhara Kathmandu, an attached building to ISHAN CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. If any interested Indian student who were sent back to India from Fiji Immigration last Friday want to know about their partners in Delhi, I can help you in some way. Please come to Nepal and try to find your broker, ask some support to Indian embassy in Nepal. Mr. Mukesh and they are still in touch.

Lets fight for justice! Lets stop education scamming!
Hope for your kind support. Thank you