Dear Editor,

I just want to respond to Sir Thomas Chan's comment concerning the negative view of underachieved plans and developments under PM Sogavare's leadership.

First of all leadership is a God-given ability to man with the main intention to lead and direct the people in the way that leads to real success and true happiness in life. Therefore a leader must think big beyond what's inside the package. Planning and achieving these plans is a process and it takes time.

Concerning the above statement. What really does Sir Thomas meant in his words? Remember, all of us has our own worldview in how we see things and I see these comment as not true. For truly within these first two years of the DCC government there are major achievements in our country. Example, improvements in Education system and building of higher level skills of our human resources. After all, it is only just the mid-term the other half is not reached yet.

My final advice is that we need unity and trust. But the most important of these is patience. We must get rid of selfishness and live to serve others first. If these things are practiced I believe that Solomon Islands will truly be reaching its highest tops of developments and prosperity.

May God bless Solomon Islands and its people.