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My name is Teddy Crispin, I am an author, writing has always been a passion for me, writing for radio, blog, journalism, …, and I am pleased to announce to you the current publication of my first poetry book : Ten Little Poems and More, a bilingual eBook : French/English, published as an eBook on Kindle Publishing (Amazon). In this little poetry book are to be found poems on love, faith, nature, Princess Diana, and Haiku-like genre poetry.

Teddy Crispin’s bio :

"In 1985, I was present at the “Forum of Young Creators” in the “Poetry” category, an event organized by the French Information and Documentation Center for Youth: CIDJ.

In 1989, I was awarded the “Media Award in Your Country” by the International Union of Young Journalists of the Catholic Press, in Bavaria in Germany. Meeting all those young people there from all over the world, is a high point of my life, I will never forget.

And "DIX PETITS POEMES AND MORE" distributed by Kindle Publishing (Amazon) are ten little poems on love, faith, nature, ..., that author Teddy Crispin shares with all poetry lovers around the world, as he says : “to you from me, from the bottom of my heart.”

Sample from the Teddy Crispin’s book : DIX PETITS POEMS AND MORE : Kindle Publishing (Amazon) : “What’s Love…”.

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