Dear Editor

It is good news to learn of the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s (DCC Government) intention to support the Solomon Islands National University’s (SINU) plan to develop the institution’s infrastructure and upgrade its status. The Institution is seeking financial support from the Government to construct a major academic complex and to refurbish the old Malaria Research Centre and turn it into an accommodation facility for nursing students studying at the SINU School of Nursing. Representatives of the Institution also raised the possibility for the Government to provide fully-funded Government scholarships for SINU students doing studies at the Institution; and to address the need faced by the Institution to recruit qualified expatriate staff from overseas. These excellent projects are part of the SINU Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2020.

I wish to applaud the DCC Government’s decision and pledge to provide financial support towards SINU’s plans to develop the Institution in the country. In this way, our students do not have to leave the country to do further studies abroad in other regional institutions and will still graduate with well-recognized qualifications from our own national University. This also means that the costs involved in having to provide fully-funded Government scholarships for students undertaking studies outside of the country will be reduced significantly.

And we all know that what transpired in Papua New Guinea (PNG) recently, which forced the Government to repatriate students studying in various institutions in PNG, is a costly exercise and an experience that unquestionably impacts negatively on our students’ studies. Such experience will not happen again in the future if SINU is developed and upgraded as planned. Students will do studies in the country without having to leave in search of prestigious qualifications elsewhere. Education is a worthy cause for any country, and I sincerely praise the DCC Government’s commitment to support SINU implement its strategic plans for our national university.

Thank you
Daniel A. Suluia
Honiara. Solomon Islands.