Its really interesting to know that the Solomon Islands National Futsal Team has made its way to the FIFA Futsal World Cup to be held in Brazil later this year. Those of us who have witnessed the games played by the 'home boys' can admit that the boys were just too good. Also, its an exciting moment for supporters back at home.

However, have you realized that SIFF, the so-called sports authority of the country did little or nothing at all to support the Futsal Squad? Its a pity to see the young lads carrying the national flag to another country with out the recognition from the SIFF. This was admitted by the Futsal members themselves. They were not given allowances to meet their small needs while at the tournament. They were only backed by the national governement with additional support from the Solomon Islands community in Suva. After the final match, a few of the young stars were in tears.
They were excited because they made it to the FIFA Futsal World Cup Qualifiers for Brazil but most importantly, they were sad because SIFF did not support them financially.

Shame on you SIFF. No wonder our national players cannot make it to international levels except for a few. I think we, the soccer loving nation should look for much reliable people to be in the organisation. Its enough for the same people fooling football players and fans.

Thumps up for the national government and fellow Solomon Islanders for our support towards our young stars. For SIFF, you need to put your priorities right. Go Kurukuru GO.