The political turmoil currently waved our political leaders can be best described as Hunger for power.The integrity of our leaders to lead and to serve our growing nation has been undermined by hunger for power by certain leaders to gain self interest. In situations like this, the voice of the people will be brushed aside and personal interests become the priority.

If our leaders could only think about the right reasons that get them to where they are, they would definitely make some good decisions during this time to ensure that no offer of money can detour their integrity.Solomon Islands has a lot of resources and a very content population that some of her inhabitants should not be disadvantage in terms of basic services should our leaders maintain their integrity and aspiration to lead and not to serve themselves. To be a leader you should be the last to be served and that the voice of the people should be an indication of where the tree will be felled.

I think our leaders should be informed of what lies ahead as an impact of the bad decisions they have made through out the years. I have watched Mr.Sogavare captain the ship with interesting notations.I fancy the the direction he set initially such as getting the development closer to the rural areas, recovering the economy,rehabilitation of the breakaway society, bottom up approach and building confidence in the government system, I think this is fantastic and should it be done with integrity, this should form the basis for a better future for the trouble Solomons.

I think,on the way he decided to try something different and ignore the plea of the crew members and the passengers therefore set the direction away from where it intended to be. A tree that is grown in the desert needs everything to make it grow; it needs water,some mulch,fertilizer and care otherwise it will never grow to become a tree. Any government of the day also needs such ingredients to grow and prosper in terms of servicing its people. It needs adequate policies, voice of the people, partnership and guidance from our regional and bilateral partners other wise we will fail at the end of the day.

Should there be a need to change, it must begin with our leaders, they have to change something inside of them that usually accept bribe and ruin their integrity before any change of government can make real sense. Leaders that help themselves to become even more rich by possessing a lot of wealth are not true leaders and have no place in the leadership responsibility of our beloved nation.

Issues surrounding the termination of certain ministers needs to be brought out because if it is something to do with mis-management of finances, having them in another form of government will never help at all as they already have that attitude within themselves that affect their right mind.

Lets hope that the power hunger crisis is sorted out and i wish certain individuals who will take advantage of the situation to make some more money overnight all the best.