Dear Editor,

Someone highlight his vsion of the future of Solomon Islands from Singapore and quite thrilled with his vision ands strategies to get there. I was in Thailand in 1992 for three months and noted the simliar experience vision. Lots of Asian Countries started off as Agricultural Countries but transformed to Industrial Countries later and there they began to see the genuine progress. Lots had been researched about Asian Countries and while some are not as aggressive as others generaly there's a lot of smiles behind those developments but the question do we have to really copy their model of development? And what really happen behind those smiles? While I supported most of the ideas proposed i want us to caution too on the impacts on people. I really believe that while economic indicators seemd to be more outspoken indicators of development I wish to add being inclusive and focus on people the really development is on people being inclusive considerate and respectful to all. God bless the solomon Islands

Anthony Riare