I would just like to state that in your letter you mentioned something about how races in Fiji have been crystallized.You mentioned how Fijian schools have been based on a ethnic level, you mentioned that you didn't want to see this happen in the Solomon islands.

If you look back at our history and also your country's political history, we were both colonized by the same country, ie Britain, however, to the point that Fiji institutionalized race by setting up of schools goes back to the colonial administration. They were the ones that set up a native administration that were meant for the safeguard of the Fijian interests, Indians were brought in not because we wanted them, no, it was the dealings of the Brit govt and not us.

They were the ones that made the deal to have Indians in our country and to assert the claim that we have something to do with institutionalizing our race is totally nonsense. This is because after they left [Brit], we had trained leaders who had to pick up from where the colonial admin had left off. I would even like to see which advertisement stated 'fijians speaking' or hindi speaking only...I mean indo-fijans is the second major race in Fiji, it is only fair that people will feel differently because the whole idea was not ours....there was a third party involved.