Politicians Make Money at Our Expense – A call to all statesmen and women

(in Reference to the Prime Minister Life-Time Pension Bill, now becoming an Act).

Why do I call politicians aristocrats? They remind me of medieval lords and ladies who live off the sweat and efforts of their subjects. They also pass laws, insider trading, IPOs (Initial Public Offering), Social Security, health care, that govern the activities of their subjects, but they exempt themselves from the laws.

How does our common peoples’ right, who live below the poverty line, hence denial of basic services and infrastructures, differs from your luxury living conditions above the poverty line?

Isn't this greedy and what many call - "To Lead Is To Self-Serve" – this was not a statesmanship nor our leaders call for a progress really. Oh wait, we have donors! Ah huh...!

It’s time for all civil societies in the country to call on the house, former and present, to come out and clear their bad names that littered the air and the cyberspace. This is what I would call respect. Time comes, and there will be no fatherly respect if you keep ignoring realities of this nation and you are keeping building problems for the future of this nation without vision at all. Your signatures are not ours. Further, you are not blind nor fools to be called upon with all due respect.

I am being very critical, and hypothetically the future of this nation is on a cross road between an LDC (least developing country) and monetary repercussion of legal corruption, thus chaos is what awaits us – your next generations.

Your concerned Solomon Islander - Philip Marama Tahokomuna, Florida Islands, CP.