Dear Editor

Please allow me to share something on what I think is happening with our National Sport, Football.

The trend is repeating and it is obvious that our National Teams are not consistence with their performances in international competitions.

I believe we are out of options and style; as a result our quality players could not make it to make our nation proud. Let us put our hands up and ask for help abroad plus the SIFF should by now incorporate junior competitions (U15, U17 & U19) to develop the next generation. Our Futsal National Squad has not made it to the finals in the last competition despite being the title holders in the region. The countries that we use to defeat had responded with outstanding performances against us. What is happening with us?

At the U19 qualifying, PNG defeated Solomon Islands by 2. I don’t think we have developed much despite the numerous talents we have. In actually fact I believe we are stagnated because of our ignorance. No one expects to win a competition with a preparation of just less than 2 to 3 months. This is a joke. Come on; let us ask our partners to help us for the next 10 years. Not only to coach our teams but mentor our local coaches.

Can we do something serious this time for the next upcoming competitions?

Go Solomon Go!!