Dear Editor,

I wish to express my concerns at the cost of living in Honiara, in particular the cost of essential food items like fresh vegetables, fish, eggs and fruit from our main markets. These food items are essential for good nutrition for every man, woman and especially our children. Why is it that these items are unreasonably expensive? It has got to the point where families are struggling just to feed themselves.

The average household earns less than $500 a fortnight. Most less than that. A heap of potatoes costs between $20 to $30, one bunch of cabbage costs between $10-20. An average fish is $50-100, fruit anything from $5 for one guava to $70 for a watermelon!!! to feed a family for one day it costs over $100. It's not rocket science to work out $500 is not going to go far, once you have paid for rent, electricity, water, school fees, there is not much left for food. I wonder what would happen if everyone just refused to pay these prices at the market? Most families are existing on rice and noodles - no fruit and no vegetables because it is just not an option. We will become a nation of the malnourished. The wealthy among us can afford to shop in supermarkets and pay these market prices, but what about the majority who cannot? What do the people think?