In response to Mr. Fairfax, several points must be clarified. First, the skipjack fishery in the Western Central Pacific Ocean is currently not over exploited. This same skipjack tuna fishery is the one which Greenpeace is falsely claiming should not be fished by the dolphin safe companies which are responsible in managing the fishery. This same fishery is the one that supplies Soltai and is sustainably fished by NFD of the Solomons.

In addition, Mr. Fairfax claims that dolphins are better fed in captivity. This is nonsense as dolphins in the wild travel hundreds of miles to forage for the fish they need. Dolphins only take what they require without waste.

A Dolphin in captivity requires at least 40 pounds of fish per day which must be caught and then frozen. This same fish is better served to humans since Mr. Fairfax claims there is a shortage of staple fish protein for developing nations. Captive dolphins in the Solomons are taking valuable fish from those that need this same fish, the Solomon citizens.

You should know that for the last group of captive dolphins, fish was imported from sources in Australia to feed the dolphins, not the people of the Solomons.

Bottom line, Dolphins deserve their freedom in the ocean, just as we humans deserve our freedom.

Sincerely Mark Berman