The Telekom Strike Threat will be a disaster if, nothing is done about it. It is about time Robinson must go. I fully support the call by John Ins for him to resign, to include Berverly, their own interest is clouding their mind to give a fair decision and do the right thing before holding Solomon Islands at ransom.

I believe, your resignition could give you the credit as a hero who have a true heart for the people of Solomon Islands, despite "them" wanting you to resign.
This could be a chance to tell them wrong! that I am not a racist, to remove Solomon Islands indigenous workers, but another well disciplined Manager who could go at length to ensure that business continue to make profit, while ensuring those who gives the business profitiable, the workers are conpensated fairly, taking and acting in consideration of their views without causing a total national shut down from the rest of the world if the strike do occur.

You have played you part in the development of Solomon Islands for the last so much years heading Telekom, and I as a citizen of the country say "Thank you so very much"
May God Bless!