Dear Editor,

I am once again seeking your permission to publish my comments on the above topic.

Our National Anthem is one of the few that strikes so many hearts when they hear it being sang. "God Save Our Solomon Islands".

Some of the Politicans in our high regard parliament are self centered and self-fish I would say. This recent publication by the Solomon Star, dated March 21st, 2014 is a clear indication of the type of people in the parliament. They are not worthy to be called leaders. A leader according to our good LORD, defined it as a "SERVANT". One that is willing to suffer for his/her people.

The politican involved should be made known to the public so that his people should not vote him back to parliament. Solomon Island is a small nation, easy to manage and administer; however, the elements of corruption is reaping the little resources we have that we can use to build and develop our nation. This act must stop. I therefore, support the President of the Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF), Mr. Charles Dausabea to make all efforts to publicize the culprit. This is uncalled for and this quality of people MUST BE vacuumed from the political arena and the parliament.

People of Solomon Islands, open your eyes during the election and vote someone that will develop us and the country as a whole.

God Bless Solomon Islands.

Thank you