Telekom Strike notice Lapse.

The responsible authority need to react on settling the Telekom issue before it is too late. Solomon Islands National leaders should not take things lightly because small problems are the foundation of disaster. We had enough experience of ignorance of similar issues but still we never learn from it. For example, teachers strike resulted in victimizing our children; Late Ulufa'alu's ignorance of addressing Guale's demand resulted in Ethnic unrest and many more.

Now the 28 - day strike notice lapse today and still there was not any sign of resolving the issue. It sounds nonsense when the Communications Minister Varian Lonamei said it would be a real disaster if the workers go on strike. Is he addressing the issue by making such statement or he wants to see the disaster to happen? I would like to urge responsible authority to quickly resolve the issue before the real disaster as commented by the Minister will come into reality. "Real leaders never watch with worry but act with Wisdom". I think it is good for one man to be removed rather than causing disaster for thousands of people.