Dear Editor

I wish to share and support the views of Pastor Allan Nafuki of Vanuatu.

I kind of realized that the other three Melanesian countries are not very vocal on the issues of the West Papuan people like Vanuatu. It is truly a sad and totally irresponsible behaviour to ignore the issue of Human Rights in West Papua by Solomon Islands, PNG and Fiji.

Melanesians were not created to be suppressed in their own land. And we are no beggars. We were head hunters (strong, can stand, not scared)but at the same time have the inbuilt heart that believes in freedom. However, we are not free as long as Melanesians are not free in West Papua.

On one has to convince us of the facts that has traumatized the human society from inhumane treats happening in West Papua.

I think, Solomon Islands as a nation should stand up and be firm with Vanuatu and fight to free our brothers and sisters in West Papua.

God is Good and those that fight evil will be exalted and given their dues.

Martin OTTO