I would agree with Dr. Mike on the low potential of reviving the rice industry in the country. However, in the long run Solomon Islands will spend more on rice than if we strategize with a more robust plan.

What happened in the past with the attempts by previous governments to revive rice but fail to push the projects further? This is what we Solomon Islanders should be asking. Let us feed ourselves so that we achive the equilibrium between imports and exports or even go futher to maximize exports. The Solomon Islands economy is a consumer base and we are stuck in it. Walking through shops in PNG the only product from Solomon Island that you will find is Taiyo. Are we Tinned-Fish country? Definitely not!

In PNG experts from outside came telling the PNG government and its people that PNG does not have the right conditions to produce rice, but today people of PNG proved them wrong. C'mon its all up in the brain. 'We are what we think'. Let us think positive and work our guts out to save our nation.

God bless SOlomon Islands