Fair comments by Ferral Lasi. Reasons and motivation for war might be an assimilation difficulty but contemplation of the myriad of malicious acts allied with war is undemanding. In the very recent past Solomon Islands had witnessed, experienced and obtatined an undisputed slice of history of such dire circumstances.

Thus, there is reasonable room for undoubting a Japanese general in possession of a huge boat load of precious gold looted from Singapore or wherever, obeyed the temptation to renege his superior’s orders, spotted Meri Island, Isabel or Nughu Island on his naval map and implemented an impromptu dash! Sasako’s revelation does offer support to the notion of this gold search been unrestricted to earthlings alone, there might be the involvement of extra terrestrials as well, given the anecdotal evidence of their presence (UFO’s) in these vicinities! nara kaen gold dis wan!!

I propose this situation precipitated through the favourable probability of finding gold on the high seas than the diminishing returns on dry land, as aptly demonstrated by gold hunters such as Kelvin Alp. As for being an expression of the cargo cult mentality, well, didn’t the SI government and Taiwan comprehensively institutionalised and patented that doctrine through the RCDF already?