I read the above news item and my 2 cent piece of advice is if a concerted earnest search is to be made for the gold bars, at least independent reliable research had to be made to establish the reliability and authenticity before such a search requiring huge amount of resource be expended.

The history of WW2 and what Japanese and allied vessels are sunk during the the great war in our country and waters are fully documented both by the allies and the Japanese themselves so they are not a secret. Therefore these info need to be carefully pursued through the right channel, cross-checked and verified before undertaking that kind of search.

Japan imperial army of course looted treasury with the fall and capture of Singapore taking gold bars with them but we need to really establish if they really bring them here to Solomon's and for what reasons?

Japan's Western Pacific base during WW2 is Rabaul in PNG where they have more than 100,000 troops stationed at the height of the conflict. If there is really such a booty, it should be kept there in Rabaul where its safe.

Its really nonsense to bring them to Solomon Islands where they could be easily captured by the US Marines who are a threat and have consolidated themselves on the islands.......I'd say SIG stop this cargo cultic nonsense and fix the traffic jam that's been choking Honiara!