Dear editor,

I think it is only right that the members of the force took the stance to go on strike. These are the people who should be in the Police Force. We just can't let political leaders and bureaucrats tarnish and damage the whole systems we have in our country for their own interest denying prosperity to the majority of the people. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

Police Force is the life line to development and prosperity since good security is what determines prosperity and entices investors into our country. However, if individuals are using the advantages they have for all wrong purposes; I don't want to guess what is there for people of Solomon Islands while we still far from worse. Not to mention the recent increase for members of parliament on various submissions approved by the responsible commission who should have considered the interest of the country first before approving the increases. Minister Hou mentioned that the government has an avenue to secure funds for the SBD20 million for the exercise, but yet not able to secure funds to pay out teachers increases and funds for other developments needed in the country. It is really appalling.

We have to still contract foreign nationals to the Post of Police Commissioner if we, few nationals, cannot honestly carryout our jobs.