Dear Editor,

I’d be grateful for your granting of a little newspaper room (letter to editor column) to print few comments regarding the above subject.

If Nati hatsoa announced retirement from his illustrious media career, nothing should prevent the Prime Minister instating this little blithe the next governor-general.

How about Dr Jane, legendary architect of the famed family charity pyramid scheme? She would bring scheming experience and crafty contacts to the vice-regal post. Her head office apparently accommodated majority of followers in extensive meandering queues outside (traffic hazard) than inside, wouldn’t the Government House be suitable?

Two sensible gripes concerning this issue (GG post).
1. Appointment process is frozen in time – rather incongruent with all other significant government appointments that require nomination, consultation, independent panel assessment of applicants against selection criteria etc. GG post, it is the personal gift of the PM who makes a recommendation to which the dear old advancing Queen accepts obligingly. The veracity of the situation is it requires not a Cabinet decision, government or parliament approval and the masses duly contribute zero say.

2. Nominees – The office, ever since establishment, is been uncaringly suffocated of a brisk youthful face that can leap out of bed in lightning haste at 2 am in the morning, before good old Queenie barely retracts her finger off the last digit number of the royal line. There is no shortage of interesting and worthy candidates but a formal process for broad nominations and consultation should be established. It will provide substantial cure to the current chronic disease of rewarding mates, as well as taming the grave egos of candidates with glaring manifestations of ‘use by date’ denial or abuse.

Well, maybe Nati Hatsoa, Dr Jane and I could still be wildcards.

Peter Bataitolo