Dear Editor,

Grateful if you could print in your good paper (letter to editor section) few lines of my regarding the above subject.

John 2:1-11 - Jesus and posse were once invited to a wedding party bash in Cana of Galilee back when he executed his planet earth tour of duty. Ambiguity prevails as to which plausible reason(s) assumed responsibility for Jesus invoking his repertoire for suspension of natural laws (miracles), indeed in this instance for the first time. Without exaggerating the obvious, among contending reasons were a probable low budget wedding and or a certain flock with esteemed fondness for the pleasures of mind altering substances. For when caring old mother Mary rocked up to son Jesus, whiffled and strutting unconcealed panic, Jesus asked, ‘how, everitin flow? to which spawned the reply, ‘for you, duice (alcohol) run out na, you mas doim samtin about dis wan’. Jesus murmured a negligible protestation about unfavourable timing but obliged inevitably to delight an already inebriated crowd!

On delivering his much anticipated verdict on the wine quality, the banquet master declared it ‘the best fine wine’ ever to sip through his fastidious taste buds. As the disciples replaced sheer amazement with glances of approval directed in Jesus corner, heaven (god which is Jesus himself) was rewarded with a smile from Jesus. Plausible contentions for explanation of the miracle include shrewd plumbing to conspiring with the disciples in bestowing black market liquor outlets with much needed funds that night. Scepticism aside, I concede with thorough admiration the transmutation of water molecules into wine is pretty darn cool!

Here are a few observations and lessons learnt from this favourite miracle;
- Mary and son no doubt would have been the first names on the list of invited guests to all parties through out Galilee, Judea and Palestine after that bash. In fact, attending uninvited would have been an even superior miracle!
- Superb fine wine, bars and bartenders are to be found in heaven, JC’s country or planet of residence.
- JC invented illegal homebrew (alcohol) as there was no account of him in possession of a liquor license
- Save the best wine or alcohol for last
- Never impress with cheap wine or booze
- Wine and booze enliven company
- No hangover account!
- None of the disciples or banquet master requested or demanded the wine or homebrew recipe from JC
- JC is not averse to having drinks and a wonderful night out and so should the Christians, especially the hardcore bloc

The closest I had witnessed a faithful (church deacon) reproduced this miracle was genuine appreciation and partaking of the contents of 2 bottles of red wine reserved for the church communion of the Lord’s Supper. Apprehended in the act, in a little room in the church rear, he informed the village pastor it was only water. As the pastor offered to clarify the water contained 20 to 30% alcohol, deacon replied, ‘boss ia performim mirikolo ba moa ia’.

Peter Bataitolo