Dear editor,

I would like to comment on the article written on 12 April 2013 about "Youths find future in food production".

firstly i was really appreciated on what this 23 old Patrick had done. "Patrick you have done a great thing that non of any Solomon islanders can do". This has shown that Solomon islands have a potential to improve life and self sustainable living if we have learned from what this poor 23 year old Patrick has done.

However, I would like to remind us again of how significant our relationship with our agriculture resources are. We are rich in our resources in the soil if we are fully sacrificing our self to make good use of our soil by using our knowledge and skills to cultivate the ground.

But the problems is no one can succeed, unless s/he has a little background knowledge and technical skills of agricultural farming.

Without taking too much time, i am kindly asking if the government can see this issue as a learning path ways for all Solomon islanders to be self reliant and know there is a hope for the future, regardless of all the issues happening in the country.

So, where are all your agriculture extension workers? this is the time to act and help the country to be self reliant.Please! Please! help us.