Dear Editor,

The reason i´m writing this letter is, because killing the dolphins isn't right at all. I and many other people would love the dolphins to live. It isn't right to kill the dolphins, because killing the dolphins are like us they feel pain. The dolphins are aren't rare but if they don´t stop killing them they soon are. Dolphins are like very special mammals to us they are like friends it just isn't fair at all.

Dolphins aren't rare yet. Soon if the Japanese keeps killing dolphins just or their teeth and to eat, on day the dolphins will be rare. The dolphins one day would be extinct, that wouldn't be fair, cause their are dolphins too, not just the Japanese.

If you didn't remember dolphins feel pain just like us, they have feelings just because they are mammals it doesn't mean that they don´t want to live either. Its like if an Japanese person who goes up to you and wants to kill you for your teeth it just wouldn't be fair at all.

To many thousands people, the dolphins are special to them like their friends. Thousands of people love Dolphins it wouldn't be fair if they killed them.

The dolphins are very special to people and they don't want them to die. The Dolphins feel pain like human beings and they have feelings as well. Dolphins are really special to people, just like very close friends. Dolphins aren't rare, but soon they will be rare if they don´t stop killing them!

Emily Samantha Flores