Thanks Mr Lasi - A point to remember, there is not one but so many gods which subsequently qualifies each and every individual an atheist depending on their god of choice. eg. A believer of the Christian god is an atheist in the religious eyes of the believers of Hinduism or Buddhism or vice versa.

From a personal perspective as a non believer, my brain is rather open to persuasions containing evidence but thankfully closed when it is preached to or commanded to simply exercise faith in this matter. As clarity entails, I do not claim the non existence of a supernatural force, let alone a personal intervening and invigilating one, but the lack or absence of evidence to prove otherwise.

Yes, the painless availability nowadays of huge bedrocks of literature on history and other relevant aspects of religions does make it a shame not to conduct personal research to guide independent thought, analysis and decision making. I add this may not be true of course to all for obvious reasons.