I find Bataitolo's commentary on Fr. Freda's Star "Lent" article very interesting. Interesting because its the first time as far as I am aware for a local coming out openly in public with hard hitting blows on the establised national predominant belief. I do not support nor condemn his views just pointing out that its an interesting development. Luckily we are not a Muslim society here otherwise he'd sure to get a 'fatwa' on his head.

Anyway Europe since the dark age is the hotbed of Christianity. Its where various orders of missionaries and priests set out in the earlier centuries to convert the world including us the heathens of the south seas (that's what they call us then) to become Christians. But now beginning markedly from the late 19th century Europe had virtually transitioned and metamorphosed to become an atheistic society. Now in most EU countries Christianity is just a national political emblem. In these countries the cathedral and churches are crumbling or become museums with no congregation and if there are they are mostly the elderlys.

Bataitolo's coming out in public with his bold view therefore makes me think could this mark the begining of something big to come, the breeze preceeding the wind of change to transition and mainstream Solomon Is from Christianity to atheism as experienced in Europe?