Ferral Lasi, believe me, my response to Fiualakwa barely scraped the surface of the plethora of appropriate insults available in my vocab to describe Fiualakwa’s thoughtless babble regarding this matter.
For the benefit of arresting an obvious comprehension skip, I shall repeat the reason for the relevant feelings you observed in my post to Fiualakwa. It is very simple, Fiualakwa, you or anyone else under the sun with a gripe for international or humanitarian aid organisations have absolutely no right to publicly sprout unsubstantiated conspiracy nonsense at the expense of the innocent suffering victims in Temotu.

Fiualakwa or you have not a single iota of evidence to prove earthquakes or natural disasters are induced by man, i.e. not natural phenomenon. The obvious challenge for you and Fiualakwa is to disclose your source immediately on this forum. If you cannot then keep your weird ideas, doubts or what you think to the confines of your bedrooms, even better, craniums. Once again I repeat, to publicly write, comment and condone such garbage is utterly foolish, stupid and insensitive.

So rather the mark of a tolerant civilized citizen is to quickly make a sincere apology to the unfortunate victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Temotu.