Dear Editor,

One cannot help but gasp at the very insensitive and foolish comments made by a Stalin Fiulakwa on the above subject, especially in light of the suffering many families in Temotu are going through at present.

It is sad to see someone with reasonale inteligence can write or utter coments so spectacularly stupid. I'm sure he has the intellect to promptly offer a sincere appology to the bereved and homeless people in Temotu for claiming what happened to them and the misery they are going through is inflicted by man!

This man appears to have either a very limited literature resource in his home library or his holy book had contracted his thinking and reasoning capacity.

Let him out of the dark ages to know that if there is a god that he believes in lurking behind the clouds, well, he puts him on a hostile useless tiny speck of COOLING rock in the vast univers. i.e. it is why earthquakes and other natural disasters occur.

His rather obvious clueless understanding of international humantarin aid donors gives him absolutely no right to publicly disclose his confused little-mindedness, stupidity, foolishness and insentivity.

Peter Bataitolo