Greenpeace has done well to state all Pacific tuna are at risk but they and Earth Island Institute fail to mention people and dolphin dependent on ocean food.

Chronic poverty is being suffered by Pacific people due to staple food - fish resource devastation and collapse of associated subsistence barter trade.

Fish resource devastation is not dolphin safe in any shape or form.

Green groups fail to mention devastation of baitfish and smaller tuna that both dolphin and island people need for food.

Fishermen should not be blamed by media for overfishing when it is sewage nutrient pollution feeding algae and smothering seagrass on which baitfish depend for nursery habitat. Tuna depend on baitfish for food.

I ask Mark Berman and Greenpeace, what do starving dolphin look like? Are wild dolphin immune to starvation? Does science know?

Could it be that dolphin are now more guaranteed with supply of food in captivity than in the wild?

When will environment groups acknowledge world fish stock devastation and need for critically urgent solutions?