Dear Editor,

Please allow some space in your paper to share my views on the above mentioned suject.

I was in Honiara when the legal battle between the FSII, Solomon Star and the Hon. Prime Minister emerged.

Whilsts I agree that there are always dilemmas that must be dealt with. In my view, I think that FSII should have the follwoing as one of their priorities before 2014.

The priority is to ensure that all the members of the FSII living overseas be able to cast their votes in 2014. It may be through some sort of absentee voting and or votig by proxy.

FSII cannot continue to comment on national issues whilst most of her members living overseas do not have any say on who is the PM or a Minister of State or a MP after any national general election.

i appreciate your stand on the actions by national leaders but i believe that as a group of elites from all works of life living in the Solomons and overseas, you can make a difference if you are provided the opportunity to elect a politician in 2014. 2014 may be too soon but 2013 should be the starting point.

Wishing you and your members the best in 2013.