I seems to have doubts that some of these disasters occur naturally.

Human beings have developed in such a way that the capitalists have been working very hard to achieve a new world order according to their own time line.

In this context, what cant be achieved in 50 years, can be achieved in less than a few weeks by artificially controlled disasters so that their objectives are achieved.

Whether natural or whatever, watch the donors, shouldn't they be using the government to assist the victims?

I can remember quite clearly that some victims of 2007 earthquake/tsunami still have not recieved a cent of the millions that went through the government systems that has recently being considered as being not suitably in place at that time.

I was a victim during the 1986 cyclone namu disaster, with no systems in place but we all recieved the many things that was given by the government of that day, humanitarian organizationa and other donors.

What was wrong during 2007? Lets wait and see this time round when the government has now a disaster and risks response policy already in place.

Hopefully the symptoms of 2007 would be no more and that the donors would ensure that their masters agenda are achieved amicably.

I am hopeful that my Master would come soon as He said He would to take me to a land free of disaster, moaning and pain.

Thank you

Stalin Fiualakwa.