I have a son who is doing prep. I may worry about his education as a caring father. But what worries me more is the treatment of his teachers as far as natural justice is concerned.

All human beings; including teachers have right when comes to natural justice in whatever means.Common sense tells me that if nurses and others got re leveling easily and now enjoying working and securing better living, why not the poor teachers.

I am 100% agree with the President of SINTA and the Solidarity of teachers to strike while the iron is hot. And fight till the end- Enough of empty promises to meet ones interests.

If one looks with fresh eyes he/she can see the impacts of injustice the teachers have faced over many years- even when I was in Primary School:
1. Teaching is a profession. By why many of my former teachers strived to further their tertiary studies and never returned to teaching?
2. Sad to hear many poor teachers earn only $500 to $700 and living in town have to borrow money for survival before next fortnight. This leads to insecurity of their family livelihoods.
3. Some teachers with such small salaries have seen themselves having an inferior career when they comparing them to us, their frineds.
4. Finally, their is a strong link between low salaries of teachers and poor quality education. Logically, the care giver is vulnerable and sad to give the care our children deserve. This means the bottomline has been painted out from the surface of the system. But what goes around comes around- our children will get poor education quality. Then if the current teachers dont want to teach, who will do that?

To all teachers, justice is in your side. And we all right minded Solomon Islanders are behind you to win the fight.

Have a nice day!